Pacific Navy Fighter 2.3.4 (v2.3.4) Android Apk Game

type='html'>Pacific Navy Fighter v2.3.4
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3
Overview: Dynamic aircraft carrier based fighter combat and bombing in WW2 pacific.

Pacific Navy Fighter puts you in control of a carrier based aircaft (Corsair or Zero).

Fight the opposing forces through various dynamic missions defending your base aircraft carrier and conquering Islands.

The enemy will be after you with tanks, mobile AA, strike fleets including carriers and battleships. Fend of the dangers and escort friendly bombers to their targets.

When you hear the air-raid siren (torpedo) bombers are comming in for your carrier and you better respond or you will have no place to go!

Watch the radio communications: ships, fellow pilots, tank commanders, lookouts, recon planes and compounds can call for help or give vital information on the battlefield situation.

What's in this version:
Gameplay balancing
Fix ships slowing down for no reason
Fix carrier air traffic controller error (sometimes sent all to holding pattern, blocking landings).
Fix tanks wandering off
Fix fleet response when if flagship sunk
Fix AA visibility
Fix crash after using home from cockpit view
Fix destroyers not on fire after torpedo hit
Fix ship rotating when hit
Fix AA tank gunblast position
Bow waves relate to speed
Bombers fly formation
AA damage sparks

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