MobileBiz Pro 1.16.2 (v1.16.2) Android Apk App

type='html'>MobileBiz Pro v1.16.2
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: MobileBiz Pro creates professional and customizable PDF invoices to send to your clients. This is a "must-have" if you are doing invoicing on the field.


But don't settle for just sending an invoice or printing it, go beyond and organize your small business with this powerful little app.

Track overall customer balance, invoice cost and profit.

With its unique customization features, tailor the information you can capture from the phone. Only MobileBiz Pro allows you to add custom data on your customer, item, invoice, and invoice lines. It can print these custom data too along with the standard fields. Model the app according to what your business really is.

Bind your customers to an agreement and let them sign from the phone. The handwritten signature is automatically added to the estimate, order or invoice.

A more detailed list of features is shown below:

Sales transactions
* Create estimates, sales orders, cash sales, invoices
* Invoices can be emailed, sent by sms, or printed
* Convert estimates to invoices
* Capture signature on invoices
* Add your own tax codes, payment methods, or sale statuses
* Apply discounts (body or line level) and shipping charges
* Use your own transaction numbers
* Get customers from phone contacts

* Use your own company logo
* Very professional looking printouts (PDF or HTML)
* Print invoices
* Send payment receipts too
* Print invoices directly to wifi printer (use external apps)
* Change print color themes
* Include almost any information on the invoice to the printout

* Choose an email template right before sending the invoice
* Send invoices by email or sms, both use templates that can be customized
* Cc or blind copy yourself when sending invoices by email
* Include PayPal links to pay invoices

* Be alerted of expiring estimates, bills and due invoices
* Track payments (cash, credit cards, checks) or create your own payment method
* Track customer balance (due/paid amounts)
* Track cost of goods sold per invoice
* Take notes for invoices, customers, and even items.
* Simple inventory level tracking

* Customize print templates, email templates, sms templates
* Model your data according to your business using custom fields

* Maintain your own catalog of goods and services
* Supports barcode scanning

Data management
* Automated scheduled backup
* Restore from backup
* Import/export by CSV

What's in this version:
- Introduced the ability to sign invoices
- Supported a Description item type
- Mark transactions as processed
- Small enhancements to backup and links
- Bug fixes for discount calculation, decimal entry, force close on deleted records

Provided by: -Market Militia-

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