Link kumpulan Custom ROM Berguna Untuk LG Optimus One

type='html'>Assalamualaikum wr.wb hallo agan-agan.. bagi agan2 pengguna optimus one nih ada kumpulan ROMs yg udah dikumpulin ama agan @Fahri Bedjaber hheeee.. biarr mempermudah pencariann aja nih hheeee :D good luckk gan (^_^)//

ROMs 2.2:

KeruRom: http://forum.xda-deve?
(first ROM for LG P500!)

AmberHome: http://forum.xda-de?
(second ROM and the first to be more elaborate and providing a satisfying stability and performance)

Megatron: http://forum.xda-dev?
(ROM tweaked for performance and first to include drellisdee’s oc kernel)

Light: http://forum.xda-develo?
(heavily unbranded and minimalist yet having the usual tweaks)

void.Rom: http://forum.xda-dev?
(gingerbread-themed ROM which uses a very complete modules system in order to optimize user customization)

Droideka: http://forum.xda-dev?
(first ROM by janitux, based on czech V10A with the usual tweaks and unbranding)

Ioshirom: http://forum.xda-dev?
(usual tweaks and settings)

DarkMoon: http://forum.xda-dev?
(usual tweaks and settings + RTL language support [arabic, hebrew, etc])

optimusXrom: http://forum.xda-?
(gingerbread-themed ROM, with oc kernel and usual tweaks)

devoid.rom: http://forum.xda-d?…06&postcoun?t=4
(gingerbread-themed ROM which is _heavily_ unbranded and minimalist)

Ubuntdroid: http://forum.xda-d?
(Optimus T, heavily dark-themed, oc kernel and usual tweaks)

ROM QUY v 1.5 with FK16fix2+zram inbuild -"nice and fresh style"

Rom Zero for 2.2: http://forum.xda-develope?

ROMs 2.2.1:

Prime: http://forum.xda-develo?
(first 2.2.1 ROM, based on portuguese V10N with the usual tweaks and unbranding)

MetroHoney: http://forum.xda-d?

JoeMOMRom: http://forum.xda-de?
(Optimus T, usual tweaks and unbranding + oc kernel)

ROMs 2.2.2:

Nessy: http://forum.xda-develo?

LOL: http://forum.xda-develope?

Light-v2 : http://forum.xda-developers.?com/showthread.php?t=987948

Fusion Rom: http://forum.xda-develope?

ROM- RomAnil : http://forum.xda-developers.?com/showthread.php?t=1101323
Rom Paling Irit Sedunia.. :D (Tanpa OC)

ROMs 2.3.2:

andy572: http://forum.xda-deve?

ROMs 2.3.3:

mik_os: http://forum.xda-devel?

Gigger Lol : http://forum.xda-developers.?com/showthread.php?t=1118685

- Leaked Rusian Official GB: http://forum.xda-developer? t=1115487

- Leaked Rusian Official GB modding oleh pak Pres...ada di DOC atau Hub pak Pres O1 yach :)

- 0x0v3rfl0w Rom http://forum.xda-developer?

ROMs 2.3.4 :

- void. #forever (2.3.4): kembaran rom CM7 basicnya bukan dari leaked official Gingerbread >> http://forum.xda-developers?.com/showthread.php?t=1125870

- splitbread v2.3.4: combination off CM7 Rom and Void. #forever rom thats awasome >> http://forum.xda-developers?.com/showthread.php?t=1128948

- GingerCriccoROM (custom rom dari official GB V20B Romania)  dan di sini gan >>

- Official GB V20G (hati2 sewaktu flasing...bisa2 HH nya MATOT)

- Official GB V20B ((hati2 sewaktu flasing...bisa2 HH nya MATOT)


Themes for Void .#forever & CM7 (gunakan Theme Choser) >>>

STOCK ROM O1 : http://forum.xda-developers.?com/showthread.php?t=1088896

Kalau ada yang mau nambahinn silahkan, komentar dibawah ini yahh (^_^)// thank you gan


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