Calibre Library 3.12 (v3.12) Android Apk App

Browse and download your e-books on the go.

Requires SDCARD for cache and e-book storage.

Pair with Nook, FBReader or another e-book reading application for a complete solution. This is not an e-book reader app.

If your Calibre server is visible on the Internet, you can even use your phone's data plan to download books. If your phone has wireless, you can download books from within your own lan regardless.

Please note - this will only display formats offered by Calibre's OPDS interface, which does not appear to include .lit files.

From some of the latest comments I'd say someone is planning to release a competing product and trashing mine in comments. I've had no reports through Google of any crashes and I respond to any issues via email very quickly. In fact, I've had NO emails saying people have problems in a very long time, despite the user base continuing to grow.

What's in this version:
-Now works without crashing on a rooted Nook Touch!

Download Instructions:


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