Dr.Web Antivirus Android


Protect your precious handheld from viruses, malware and SMS spam!

A popular anti-virus for Android from leading Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web, whose acclaimed products first appeared on the market in 1992.

Dr.Web Anti-virus is an anti-virus enhanced with an anti-spam feature. With Dr.Web for Android installed on your mobile device, you’ll have seemingly countless ways to flexibly filterincoming calls and SMS messages + desktop widget.

The program does not affect OS performance, and—more important—does not reduce battery life.

Dr.Web Anti-virus key features:
- Non-stop anti-virus protection. Non-stop, real-time file system scanning is performed by the SpIDer Guard file monitor. It scans all files every time an attempt to save them to memory is detected, thus protecting the system from security threats.
- On-demand scanningscanning. On-demand system checks are performed using a special component — a scanner. Dr.Web for Android lets you perform fast or full file-system scans as well as scan individual files and folders.
- Neutralization of threats.
- Filtering mode selection.
- Black list editing. Should you wish to block incoming calls and messages from certain numbers, you may include them in the black list.
- Filter creation. Dr.Web Anti-virus lets you configure custom filtering modes for calls and messages.
- Viewing of blocked calls and messages.

Dr.Web Anti-virus is a reliable tool to protect your Android-based mobile device from viruses, hackers, undesirable calls and SMS spam!


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